"We are wolves, wolves that will chew through any leash!"
― Dumitrescu to Andre Olivieri

Nicolae Dumitrescu (ニコラエ・ドゥミトレスク) A major antagonist he was a Romanian national and leader of the paramilitary group Valahia.


Early life[]

Nicolae was born between 1960 and 1965 in Romanian People's Republic, during the final years of the Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej administration. He became a staunch supporter of communism, and served as an agent in the Romanian secret police, the Securitate, but fled the country after the overthrow of Nicolae Ceauşescu in 1989,[citation needed] where he lost his family.[1]

His beliefs birthed a disdain for capitalism, leading him to envision the creation of a new nation under the communist banner in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union. Dumitrescu later met similar-minded people while serving as a military consultant in Central Asia and the Middle East, allowing him to form Valahia with him as its leader.[1]

Valahia Crisis[]

Following the financial crisis of 2007-2008, Dumitrescu was contacted by Andre Olivieri, who hired him to launch terror attacks across the world in order for Olivieri Life Insurance to exploit the subsequent rise of demand for war insurance. He remained in the shadows for most of the Valahia Crisis, where his men operated advanced weaponry, including the Spiridus and the railgun called Balaur, with great organization.[2]

As Olivieri gained fame for his newly obtained wealth, Nicolae became increasingly tired of Oliveri seeing him as a "puppet", and ordered his forces to kill him while being flown in his personal 747-200B airliner through the Anatolia mountains in Turkey, shortly after speaking with Andre over his plans to continue the Valahian war effort. However, Antares One managed to evacuate him alive.[2]

Towards the end of the Valahian insurrection, Dumitrescu seized a former Soviet nuclear missile silo in Central Asia and relayed various demands to the world, threatening to fire nuclear missiles at major cities if they were not met. Antares Squadron of Martinez Security M42 Squadron attacked the silo and destroyed its control centers, killing him in the following explosion. Before his death, he hinted the existence of the Golden Axe Plan to the PMC, eventually leading Frederick Burford and Antares to defect from the International Union Peacekeeping Force and halt Olivieri's plans.[2]


  • The name Nicolae is a Romanian variant of the Greek name Nicholas, meaning "victory of the people", an aptronym referring to his support of communism. Meanwhile, his surname is Romanian for "son of Dumitru", placing him as a member of the Dumitru family.
  • As seen in cutscenes, Dumitrescu wears a suit with three-star epaulettes, indicating a three-star rank. This insignia is used by colonel generals in former Warsaw Pact and Communist nations, including the Soviet Union itself, and a Lieutenant General (General-Locotenent) within the Romanian army.
  • Dumitrescu's name may be a reference to Nicolae Ceaușescu, who was a real life Romanian Communist dictator, as well as Petre Dumitrescu, a real life Romanian General from World War II who fought at Stalingrad.