"Leopard here. Thank heavens, noise is clear and radar's back online!"

Noise jammers (ノイズジャマー)[2] were unmanned airships used by the Federal Erusea Air Force during the Continental War.


Noise jammer airships were equipped with emitters designed to confuse radar systems with excessive noise interference. Their design simplicity and low production cost led them to be deployed in large numbers to maximize their effectiveness. A defensive feature of the airships was the jammers' ability to prevent missile lock-on; however, their lightweight designs and fragile electronics could be easily destroyed by machine gunfire.[1]


Noise Jammer Front

A front view of an Erusean noise jammer

During the Continental War, Erusea strategically "mined" Gnome Ravine—a relatively low pass through the Lambert Mountains, which allowed low-flying aircraft to traverse the mountain range. In May, an Independent States Allied Forces spy plane, call sign "Leopard", was returning to ISAF territory through Gnome Ravine with reconnaissance imagery of Megalith. The recon plane suffered from engine trouble and could not assume a higher altitude. These jammer airships blinded the recon crew in the ravine's thick fog. To ensure that the spy plane got back safely, Mobius 1 was dispatched to destroy as many of the jammers as possible and clear Leopard's radar of noise interference.[1]


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