North Osea, formerly South Belka, is a federal state of the Osean Federation formed after the Belkan War's conclusion in 1995. The region is located in northeastern Osea, north of the Great Lakes and east of Aurick Bay; its eastern border is formed by Belka's Waldreich Mountains. Notable cities within the region include Lumen and Sudentor.


Belkan War

Under Belkan custodianship, the region primarily acted as a "buffer zone" between Belka's northern motherland and Osea. By mid-May 1995, Belka was on the defensive, and South Belka was overrun by the advancing Allied Forces. Dissatisfied with the war, South Belkan cities began declaring themselves demilitarized and peacefully surrendered to the Allied Forces.[1]

After the terrible events on June 6, thousands of South Belkan citizens living along the Waldreich Mountains perished. Sometime after its official capitulation on June 20, Belka ceded the vast region of South Belka over to Osea as part of the imposed reparations. As a result, cities such as Lumen and Sudentor (headquarters of the South Belka Munitions Factory) found themselves situated in "North Osea".[2]

Circum-Pacific War

Fifteen years after the Belkan War, former Belkans living in North Osea continued to regard the region as part of their mother country. During this time, the renamed North Osea Gründer Industries fell under the control of a shadowy group known as the "Grey Men".[3]

On December 30, 2010, Osean and Yuktobanian forces attacked the Gründer Industries facility in Sudentor. The assault, led by Razgriz Squadron, resulted in the destruction of the SOLG control facility, which had been constructed deep beneath the Waldreich Mountains.[4]



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