November City is one of the largest cities in the Osean Federation and is located in southern Osea, west of Forster Bay.[3] One of November City's major landmarks is November International Stadium, a 70,000-seat venue that regularly hosts events such as professional sports and political rallies.


November City covers a vast expanse of land, and its skyline features numerous skyscrapers. November City is surrounded by rolling hills and bisected by the Gunnel River,[3] which flows in from the west and exits to the south. The city's commercial and metropolitan areas border the riverfront near the city center; the stadium is located south of the metropolitan district on the west side of the river.


November International Stadium

A view of November International Stadium

On November 29, 2010, during the Circum-Pacific War, November International Stadium hosted a peace rally at which the Osean Vice President spoke. At the televised event—complete with ceremonial flyby performed by Wardog Squadron—the Vice President delivered a startlingly pro-war speech, compelling the crowd of Osean citizens to rally against the war.[4]

Through unknown means, however, Yuktobanian fighters penetrated November City's airspace and attempted to attack the peace ceremony. The Vice President was quickly ushered out of the stadium to safety, while the rally descended into chaos. Wardog, which had remained in the airspace after completing its flyby, fended off the Yuktobanian fighters and stealth attack aircraft until reinforcements from McNealy Air Force Base could arrive.[2]

Electronic jamming suddenly disrupted all communications in the area, and the Osean reinforcements were told to return to base by the 8492nd Squadron, leaving Wardog without support. During the dogfight, Captain Alvin H. Davenport (Wardog 3, callsign "Chopper") was shot down and killed in action. In response, the remaining Wardog fighters destroyed dozens of enemy aircraft until the Osean reinforcements, which had been called back to November City by AWACS Thunderhead, arrived. By that time, however, the remaining Yuktobanian aircraft had already withdrawn from the area.[2] Civilian casualties were kept to a minimum, due to the efforts of Wardog and the heroic sacrifice of Captain Davenport.[5]

A year after the end of the Circum-Pacific War, November Stadium would have its first airshow following the events at the peace rally - which included the flyover of an X-02 Wyvern, an ADF-01 FALKEN and an ADFX-01 Morgan. [6]



  • November International Stadium's in-game model features an American football playing field: the gridiron and endzones, which read "WARRIORS", are visible at low altitude.
  • November City's tallest structure—the tower adjacent to the stadium—resembles the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. The close proximity of November International Stadium to the tower could be based on Toronto's Rogers Centre baseball stadium, which is located next to the CN Tower.
  • Based on the overall structure, November City can be considered a mixture inspired by Toronto, CanadaLos Angeles, California , and Las Vegas, Nevada .