"The Admiral Andersen. The name of an old sailor."
Avril Mead[1]

The OFS Admiral Andersen is an Osean Maritime Defense Force aircraft carrier that was deployed during the Lighthouse War. She was named in honor of the captain of the OFS Kestrel, Nicholas A. Andersen.


At the onset of the Lighthouse War, the Admiral Andersen was not yet seaworthy, so the Osean Maritime Defense Force rushed to complete the ship. Following this, she was tasked with delivering supplies to Osean forces in Erusean territory. The carrier ended up being hit, rendering her unable to complete the mission.[1]

By October 31, 2019, the Admiral Andersen had run aground nearby the International Space Elevator and had been abandoned. Following Operation Daredevil, aircraft of the Long Range Strategic Strike Group landed on the carrier after an engagement with two ADF-11F Ravens.[1] Avril Mead also arrived at the Admiral Andersen, and discovered that its lower decks were stocked with aircraft abandoned when the ship was attacked, and got to work making them flight-ready. The following morning, Trigger and Count took off from the Admiral Andersen to participate in Operation Hush.[2]



  • The carrier's interior is based on the Izumo-class helicopter destroyer, while the exterior is modeled after the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.
  • Unlike many other carriers, this one can also launch land based aircraft. However, the latter takes off from the end of the ship instead of using the catapult.


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