The OFS Andromeda is an intelligence ship of the Osean Maritime Defense Force. Towards the end of the Circum Pacific War, it split from the OMDF and became a critical asset of the Kestrel Fleet.

The Circum Pacific War

What part it played in the war is unknown until December 2010. On or soon after December 7, it became part of the Kestrel Fleet. It helped the fleet by intercepting messages sent by the Belkans. This allowed the Fleet to locate where Osean President Vincent Harling was being held, where the Belkans had hidden their V1 Tactical Nuclear Weapons, and many other locations. After certain items of interest were located by the Andromeda, the Ghosts of Razgriz flew to those locations to do whatever was needed to end the war. If it had not been for the Andromeda, the war would have had a much different outcome, and would likely have lasted much longer.


Nothing is known about what happened to the Andromeda after December 30, 2010. On that date, the Kestrel, the flagship of the Kestrel Fleet, was sunk by two Yuktobanian submarine-launched anti-ship missles. The day after that, the war ended. The Andromeda may have returned to service with the OMDF, but this is not confirmed.

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