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One Cassard-class frigate:OFS Lolite
One Cassard-class frigate:OFS Lolite
Two Oliver Hazzard Perry-class frigates
Two Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates

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OFS Barbett is a Osean Maritime Defense Force Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier and another OFS Kestrel's sister ship.

Battle of the Ceres Ocean and destruction

At Ceres Ocean,the OFS Kestrel battle group encounter Admiral Tsanev Fleet is blocking their path while began journey to Yuktobania.Prime Minister calling out the Admiral Tsanev Fleet to regain peace between the two nation,After hearing the plans,Admiral Tsanev's captain could not peace and think Prime Minister is sided with Osean Federation and order his fleet to destroy the OFS Kestrel with the Prime Minister on board.The Pitomnik refused to do and order the captain to stand down.The captain orders his fleet to destroy the Pitomnik,which the two ships do so.After shocking about the Pitomnik's destruction,the Gumrak,Chuda and Dub(the Yuktobanian destroyers) refused to follow the fleet commander and defect to the OFS Kestrel battle group.Captain Andersen order his crew to launch the Razgriz to protect three Yuktobanian destroyers and attacking the Admiral Tsanev Fleet.After halfway of the battle,an Osean battle group lead by OFS Barbett (another Osean Maritime Defense Force aircraft carrier and one of the OFS Kestrel's sister ships) detected upon the battle.The OFS Barbett's captain believed the OFS Kestrel battle group is sided with the Yukes and calling them as traitors and didn't know the OFS Kestrel battle group was operating under President Vincent Harling's command.The hostile Osean battle group is enter firing range at OFS Kestrel battle group and three defector ships and the Demons of Razgriz sunk the hostile Osean battle group and shoot down all Yuktobanian and Osean fighters.

OFS Barbett battle group

Flagship:Nimitz-class aircraft carrier:OFS Barbett

One Ticonderoga-class cruiser:OFS Halcyon

One Hatakaze-class destroyer:OFS Chivalry

One Cassard-class frigate:OFS Lolite

Two Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates

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