OFS Barbett is another OMDF Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier and OFS Kestrel's third sister ship.

Battle of the Ceres Ocean and destruction

At Ceres Ocean, the OFS Kestrel battle group was intercepted by a Yuktobanian Navy fleet lead by battlecruiser Admiral Tsanev. Prime Minister Nikanor called out to the Admiral Tsanev Fleet to regain peace between the two nations. After hearing the plans, The commanding officer aboard the Admiral Tsanev refused to make peace, believing that Prime Minister Nikanor had sided with a hostile Osean Federation, and ordered his fleet to destroy the Kestrel and her battle group with the Prime Minister on board. The YNS Pitomnik's captain refused to do so and request the commander to reconsider, only to be destroyed by the fleet. Disgusted by the Pitomniks destruction, three destroyers Gumrak, Chuda, and Dub refused to follow the fleet commander and decided to defect to the Kestrel battle group. Captain Andersen responded by ordering his battle group, the Ghosts of Razgriz within them, to protect the three Yuktobanian destroyers by attacking the Admiral Tsanevs fleet. Halfway through the battle, OFS Barbett (another OMDF aircraft carrier and OFS Kestrel's third sister ship) arrived at the scene with an Osean battle group. Under orders from the coup government of Osea and/or unware that the Kestrel battle group was operating under President Vincent Harling's command, however, Barbett battle group branded the Kestrel traitors and elected to attack Kestrel battle group and three defector ships first. Despite all odds, however, the Ghosts of Razgriz ultimately emerged victorious and proved instrumental in the survival of Kestrel battle group and the destruction of both hostile fleets, Barbett amongst the ships being sunk during the battle.

OFS Barbett battle group

Flagship:Nimitz-class aircraft carrier: OFS Barbett(destroyed)

One Ticonderoga-class cruiser: OFS Halcyon(destroyed)

One Hatakaze-class destroyer: OFS Chivalry(destroyed)

One Cassard-class frigate: OFS Lolite(destroyed)

Two OMDF unmarked Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates(destroyed)

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