All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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The OFS Barbet was an OMDF Hubert-class aircraft carrier that served during the Circum-Pacific War. She was sunk by Razgriz Squadron in late December 2010 during an engagement with the Kestrel Fleet.


Nothing is known about OFS Barbet, but the carrier was part of the Osean Maritime Defense Force before the war secretly instigated by a group of Belkan supremacists called the Grey Men in 2010.

Operation Glory Horn and destruction

At the Ceres Ocean, the Kestrel Fleet was intercepted by a Yuke naval fleet led by Admiral Tsanev. Then, Prime Minister Nikanor called out to the Yuke fleet to restore peace between the two nations. After hearing the plans, The fleet commander aboard the Admiral Tsanev refused to make peace, believing the Prime Minister had sided with Osea, and ordered his fleet to destroy the Kestrel Fleet with the Prime Minister on board. The Pitomnik refused to do so and requested the fleet commander to stand down, only to be destroyed by the fleet. In response, three destroyers Gumrak, Chuda and Dub had to defect to the Kestrel Fleet, which Captain Anderson ordered his fleet to launch the Razgriz and protect the defectors by attacking the Yuke fleet. Halfway through the battle, the carrier Barbet arrived on scene with her fleet. Under orders from the Osean government or unaware that the Kestrel Fleet was operating under President Harling's command, the Barbet branded the Kestrel Fleet as traitors and elected to attack them and three defecting ships. Despite all these odds, the Razgriz ultimately emerged victorious and proved instrumental in the survival of Kestrel Fleet and the destruction of both rogue fleets, OFS Barbet among the ships being sunk during the battle.