OFS Barbett is a Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier and OFS Kestrel's sister ship.

Battle of the Ceres Ocean and destruction

At Ceres Ocean, the OFS Barbett battle group arrived between a naval gunfight of Admiral Tsanev fleet and OFS Kestrel battle group. The Barbett's captain has got his crew enter the OFS Kestrel and Ghost of Razgriz's communications and brand them as traitors. After listening for a moment,OFS Barbett battle group is attacking the OFS Kestrel battle group and their defector ships. The Razgriz sunk the OFS barbett battle group as well.

OFS Barbett battle group

Two unnamed Oliver Hazzard Perry-class frigates

One Cassard-class frigate:OFS Lolite

One Hatakaze-class destroyer:OFS Chivalry

One Ticonderoga-class cruiser:OFS Halcyon

Flagship:One Nimitz-class aircraft carrier:OFS Barbett

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