"Osea launched a major attack on the capital today, striking Farbanti from their aircraft carrier, the Kestrel Two."
Erusean News Network reporter[1]

The OFS Kestrel II was a cutting-edge Osean aircraft carrier[2] designed as a successor to the OFS Kestrel. She took part in the early stages of the Lighthouse War.


In May 2019, following the Erusean surprise attacks, Kestrel II launched an attack on Erusea's capital, Farbanti. Aircraft launched from the carrier mistakenly bombed urban areas, turning public opinion in neutral countries against Osea. The attack on the Erusean capital was ultimately repelled by the Erusean Air Force.[1]

On May 30, 2019, Kestrel II launched another attack on Farbanti as part of a two-front offensive carried out by the Osean Defense Forces: Operation Dual Wielder. During the battle, the Kestrel II was sunk, leading to the operation's failure in Farbanti.[3]



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