For the aircraft carrier featured in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, see OFS Vulture (AC5).

The OFS Vulture is an aircraft carrier in the Osean Maritime Defense Force. It was a member of the IUN's peacekeeping forces during the initial stages of the Lighthouse War, and one of Osea's few remaining carriers after Erusea's initial attacks.


OFS Vulture 3 AC7

The Vulture during Operation Dual Wielder

In May 2019, the Vulture managed to safely escape Gunther Bay where multiple Osean aircraft carriers were sunk by Erusean forces. However, the carrier lost all of its aircraft during the escape.[1]

On May 30, the Fort Grays Island's Golem and Mage Squadrons joined up with the Vulture. They were tasked with securing air superiority in the Chopinburg Rainforest while the OFS Kestrel II performed a simultaneous attack on Farbanti. The operation, codenamed Dual Wielder, was a failure as the Kestrel II was sunk and other Osean squadrons were shot down in Chopinburg. Golem and Mage subsequently returned to the Vulture.[1]

On June 6, the Vulture launched Golem and Mage Squadrons again, as well as Sea Goblin, to rescue former Osean President Vincent Harling from the International Space Elevator. This operation failed as well with the death of Harling and all Sea Goblin members.[2]

The Vulture's role during the remainder of the Lighthouse War is unknown.




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