The 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Ofnir", also referred to as Ofnir Squadron, was a covert aggressor unit of the Yuktobanian Air Force comprised of Belkan pilots.

The squadron's pro-Belka sympathies, however, eventually compelled its members to join the "Grey Men" and become one of the provocateurs of the Circum-Pacific War.


Origins and formation

Ofnir Squadron originated from the Belkan Air Force 6th Air Division's 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron. The squadron is known to have been present during the large-scale aerial engagement that took place over Area B7R on May 28, 1995. At some point, one of the squadron's rookie aces, Michael Heimeroth, assumed command of the squadron, which adopted his personal callsign, "Ofnir", as its own.[1][2]

Sometime after Belka's surrender, Ofnir was inducted into the Yuktobanian Air Force as part of an international effort to recruit Belkan pilots.[3] The service history of Ofnir Squadron, now operating under a new, unknown YAF designation, remains a mystery; despite this cooperative gesture, however, Ofnir's members continued to ally themselves with Belka.

Circum-Pacific War

At some point, Ofnir Squadron began conspiring with the secret organization known as the Grey Men to avenge Belka's defeat in 1995. Although details remain uncertain, Ofnir—in conjunction with their Osea-based counterparts, Grabacr Squadron—perpetrated a series of unspecified events that compelled Yuktobania to begin spying on Osea in late 2010.

Attempt to eliminate Razgriz Squadron

On December 16, Ofnir Squadron was dispatched to Payavlenie Ravine to recover the nuclear warhead that had been stolen from the Belkan aggressors by the Yuktobanian resistance. Upon arriving at the ravine, Ofnir discovered that the Yuktobanian forces had been devastated by a single squadron of jet-black fighters. Although initially skeptical that these fighters were the "ghosts" of the Demons of Razgriz (Wardog Squadron), Ofnir broke into two flights of two and began sweeping the ravine for the unknown fighters. After an extended pursuit through the canyons, Ofnir was summarily shot down[4]; however, all of the squadron's pilots survived and described the encounter to a fellow Grey Men operative, "Adler".[5]


Grabacr and Ofnir Formation

Ofnir and Grabacr Squadrons over Oured Bay

On December 31, Ofnir, accompanied by Grabacr Squadron, flew to Oured Bay to ensure that the Strategic Orbital Linear Gun (SOLG) descended through the atmosphere and impacted Osea's capital, Oured. During their approach towards the capital, Ofnir and Grabacr encountered Razgriz Squadron, which was bound for the satellite's descent point. Despite outnumbering the Razgriz two to one, the Belkans were shot down in the ensuing dogfight.[6] All of Ofnir's pilots are presumed to have been killed in action, and the squadron was likely disbanded soon afterward.



  • Ofnir Squadron derives its name from Ófnir, a serpent-like creature of Norse mythology that gnawed on the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil.
  • "Ofnir" is also Icelandic for "woven".


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