Okchabursk is a major city located in northeastern Yuktobania, west of the Vladimir Mountains. Okchabursk only appears in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War through satellite imagery.


Scinfaxi development

In the 1980s and early 1990s, the Scinfaxi was built in a secret development facility in the outskirts of Okchabursk. This detail was revealed when the Scinfaxi itself was revealed in September 1991.[1] The Yuktobanian Navy made Okchabursk the home port of the Scinfaxi, its sister ship the Hrimfaxi, and the Super-Scinfaxi class Alicorn. All three were held in underground facilities.

Circum-Pacific War

In December 2010, Okchabursk was targeted by the Grey Men in an attempt to provoke all-out nuclear warfare between Osea and Yuktobania. To accomplish this, the Belkans planned to use Osea's Arkbird spacecraft to detonate a V1 nuclear weapon over the city on December 19 at 1400hrs.[2]

An encrypted message confirming the attack and its time was intercepted by the OFS Andromeda. In response, Razgriz Squadron, operating under the direct orders of Osean President Vincent Harling,[3] intercepted and shot down the Arkbird over the Ceres Ocean, sparing Okchabursk.[2]


  • Okchabursk's name is a misspelling of Oktyabrsk (Октябрьск), a Russian city. Октябрьск translates to "October", which contrasts with Osea's November City.


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