All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Olivieri Life Insurance (オリビエリ・ライフ・インシュアランス社) is an American insurance company based in San Francisco, California. The company's CEO is European-born Andre Olivieri.


Pre-Valahia Crisis[]

How long the company has existed is unknown, but it was known that it was Andre Olivieri's life work and was on the verge of bankruptcy prior to the Valahia Crisis.

Golden Axe Plan[]

"Time to throw in my next AXE..."
― Olivieri, preparing for the next stage of his plan

Olivieri was willing to go as far as needed to save his company from bankruptcy. As a last ditch effort to save his company, Olivieri made arrangements to fund a terrorist organization known as the Valahia to instigate a global war. Attacking powerful financial cities like Tokyo and London, Olivieri's plan began to come to frutition when he introduced his private war damage insurance plan to the United States. Before the attack on London, Olivieri sold the war damage insurance business for 400 billion euros so he could avoid having to pay damage claims. But then he initiated the attack on the US himself, so the company that purchased the business would have to pay massive claims, however Olivieri would have offered to pay off the claims in exchange for the ownership of those companies, thus he would have total control of the world's insurance industry. Olivieri's plans, however, would meet an unexpected end months after the beginning of the Valahia Crisis: one day, Olivieri deployed his private army to attack different areas of San Francisco while mercenary forces from Martinez Security arrived to put an end to the crisis. At the end, the PMC forces prevailed, Antares One successfully killed Olivieri, bringing an end to the Golden Axe Plan.

The company's fate after the Golden Axe Plan crisis is unknown.


  • Interestingly, the design of OLI headquarters is very similar to the design of two worldwide famous tourist spots: the Eiffel Tower, the main tourist spot in Paris, the capital of France and the Tokyo Tower, one of the main tourist spots in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.