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A GAF-1 Varcolac firing ODMMs at two F/A-18Es

The Omnidirectional Multi-Purpose Missile (ODMM) is a special weapon introduced in Ace Combat: Joint Assault. It is a very versatile missile system that can lock on to four targets max simultaneously.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy

ODMM Icon Legacy.jpg

"A missile with enhanced capability that can simultaneously target four air or ground targets"


Aircraft Price Ammo
F-15 S/MTD 40,500 16
YF-23 Black Widow II 62,600 16
Rafale M 32,800 16
Su-37 Terminator 61,400 16
Su-47 Berkut 65,800 16
T-50 PAK-FA 96,000 16
XFA-27 142,500 16


Ace Combat: Joint Assault

ACX2 Icon ODMM.jpg

"A missile system that can simultaneously target 4 air or ground targets."


The ODMM costs 70 credits per use.


Aircraft Price Ammo
F-16XL 59,500 20
F-117A Nighthawk 71,400 24
F-15E Strike Eagle 71,400 20
Su-47 Berkut 98,000 24
XFA-24A Apalis 100,000 28
XR-45 Cariburn 116,000 28
XFA-27 116,000 28
ADF-01 FALKEN 172,000 36
YF-23 Black Widow II Starting weapon 20
GAF-1 Varcolac 83,300 20

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