One Night Stand is the 12th mission in Ace Combat 2.


We discovered the enemy's submarine base deep among the cliffs directly inland from the inlet. We received information from our intelligence division on submarines loaded with deadly cruise missiles. It is considered that this base is likely to be the enemy's main area of operation. We want you to go in for a full attack.

Target: The enemy submarine base

Because the air above the base is protected by a similar anti-aircraft missile network to that seen at the ravine base, flying at a high altitude will be dangerous. Be careful! The cliffs are deep and complex, and any small navigational error could be fatal. Proceed with care and concentrate on your navigation!




  • 5 x Ship - $6,000 each.
  • 7 x MiL-24 - $2,000 each.


  • Money: $40,000
  • Unlocks: EF-2000 Typhoon (Extra mode only).


  • Using a sufficiently agile aircraft such as the XFA-27, it is possible for Phoenix to turn around at a fork and change direction, causing the game to produce an "Off Course" message. If he continues to fly back to the starting point of the ravine, the mission will fail.


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