This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see City On Fire.
"Anchorhead is still gorgeous, even in the middle of a war."
Ulrich Olsen

Operation Anchorhead Freedom was an operation commenced by the Usean Allied Forces. The intention was to liberate the city of Anchorhead from rebel forces.[1]


Anchorhead was captured by the rebel forces as a result of the Usean coup d'état. The city was once a major supply port for the Usean Allied Forces before being captured by the rebels.[1]


The Usean Allied Forces dispatched Phoenix to the city in order to wipe out any rebel presence from the area. The sole rebel carrier stationed there had ordered its aircraft to take off, but were unable to due to debris on the runway.

The carrier, along with all deployed forces and the supply ships stationed at the docks, were destroyed.[1]


With rebel presence removed from Anchorhead, the Allied Forces were able to liberate the city and thus the rebels had lost an important supply base.[1]


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