"You defile this country. As long as you're here, this country will never know peace."

Operation Beehive was an air raid conducted by the Long Range Strategic Strike Group on Shilage Castle. The objective was to raid the castle for its supplies.


With the LRSSG's base running out of food, fuel, and ammo, the decision was made to raid Shilage Castle. Strider Squadron was tasked with pacifying the local anti-air defenses. Meanwhile, Cyclops Squadron was tasked with supporting the transport to ferry the supplies.[1]


With no Osean forces in the region, Strider Squadron had no need to identify their targets. Strider Squadron destroyed all pockets of resistance, forcing Sol Squadron to take off and shoot them down.[1]

Mihaly X-02S Engines

Mihaly's X-02S approaching the combat airspace above Shilage Castle

Despite their skills, Wit and Seymour were the only remaining pilots in the ensuing dogfight. Mihaly eventually arrived, piloting an X-02S Strike Wyvern equipped with a railgun. As the two Sol aircraft retreated, Mihaly and Trigger engaged in a grueling dogfight, the former arriving to the battle with a prototype aircraft equipped with an experimental Arclight EML. Following a lengthy engagement, Mihaly was shot down.[1]

Before his radio was cut, Mihaly revealed to Trigger that he agreed to have his data recorded for the drones in order to allow him to fly again. Lamenting the chaos he had unleashed upon the world, he pleaded to Trigger to stop the drones before his aircraft exploded.[1]


The LRSSG managed to stock up on supplies, but were unable to plan further operations. Days later however, they received a communication urging them to go to the International Space Elevator to engage the Erusean Radicals.[2]