This article concerns the in-universe event. For the playable in-game missions, see Cavalry, El Dorado and Final Countdown.

Operation Bellissima was an operation launched by the Usean Allied Forces.


In order to reach the rebels stronghold in Saint Ark, key rebel bases needed to be destroyed so that a path could be opened up towards the capital.


Scarface Squadron's first objective was to escort the Red Bear Squadron while they were to rescue the crew of the Cassiopea which was shot down over the Sandbury Desert. Scarface Squadron had successfully defended both the Cassiopea and the Red Bear Squadron from rebel attacks.[1]

The squadron's next mission was to destroy missile silos located at Faith Park Gorge. These silos were intended for major Usean cities. Despite heavy resistance, all silos were destroyed.[2]

The squadron's final objective was to destroy what remained of the rebels' navy. After Scarface Squadron had destroyed part of the fleet, the rebels had sent XB-10s, experimental bombers, to engage them. All deployed units were destroyed. However, the Albireo Squadron, an elite ace squadron, suddenly entered the airspace. They utilised chess-based tactics against the Scarface Squadron. Despite the numerical advantage, they were all shot down.[3]


With more and more territory being lost to the Allied Forces, the Usean Rebel Forces were forced to retreat to their stronghold in Saint Ark.


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