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This article concerns the United Nations Forces operation. For other uses, see Operation Bunker Shot.

Operation Bunker Shot was an amphibious landing mission carried out by the United Nations Forces during the USEAn War. It was one of the largest operations of the UNF during the war.


One of the largest missions performed by the United Nations in the course of the Eurasian conflict, Operation Bunker Shot was a plan of the UNF with the likely goal of establishing a foothold within the Usean mainland of Eastern Europe.

The strategy involved two groups of allied forces transported via Landing Craft Air Cushion, designated Whiskey and Echo Teams, that would land on a beach in western Croatia or Bosnia from the Adriatic Sea provided by offshore UNF naval fleet and Task Force 118. Prior to the landing, the hovercraft units plotted a course through small islands occupied by USEA forces.

At some point during the battle, the hills in the area were struck by an explosion of unknown origin.[1] It was an artificial meteorite strike by the OLDS. Despite staggering losses, the battle was a success.

Operation Eternal Liberation was expanded to include operations from within the Eurasian continent.