This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see [[The Round Table]].
"We WILL survive, Galm 1!"
Larry Foulke
Operation: Choker One, also known as the First Battle of B7R, was a joint operation between the Galm mercenary unit and the Allied Forces naval force as part of the Belkan War.


Everything was set in place for the Allied Forces to start the counter-attack against Belka. The first step was mobilizing the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet as the Allies' main naval force to be used against Belka. However, in these early days, and without a top-of-the-line aircraft carrier, the naval force was very weak; any advance would alert the Belkan army and they would make sure the force was sunk.

So, to start the naval advance, Allied Forces Operation Command decided to send the Galm Team, which was beginning to shine in recent battles, on a reconnaissance mission over Airspace B7R, known as the "Round Table." This would be used as a decoy to protect the naval force from possible attacks, diverting attention to the Galm Team. It was risky for Galm, but what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.


Pixy and Cipher were sent by themselves into B7R. There were stationed Belkan pilots that were apparently briefed on a large squadron of fighters coming into the area; the Belkans were confused when only two planes showed up on radar. Nonetheless, they engaged the Galm Team, thinking they were rookies for believing they could come into B7R and survive. Surprisingly enough, Galm began to fight back and hold their own.

Eventually, Belka sent an ace squadron as reinforcements, but they were shot down as well, and B7R was temporarily under Allied control.


Thanks to Galm Team's distraction, even going so far as to alert the Belkan Army enough to send out an ace squadron, the Allied naval force's advance went unhindered with no Belkans encountered. Pixy showed personal distaste at being used as a decoy, but shrugged it off as a part of war.


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