For the operation during the Continental War, see Operation Stone Crusher.

"Now it's payback time. Let's blow that sucker sky-high!"

Operation Crusher was a military operation carried out by the United Nations Forces in Turkey in early July 2019. The objective of the operation was to destroy the Stonehenge Type-3 facility.[1]


During Operation Fogbound, UNF and UNICS Forces (Among them were the Ridgebacks and Bone Arrows) were mysteriously fired upon. Two UNF squadrons were destroyed forcing the remaining squadrons to retreat. Later it was discovered that the bombardment came from the Stonehenge Type-3 Facility and the UN Security Council then authorized Operation Crusher.


The UNF led by AWACS Sky-Eye and Goodfellow performed a joint air and ground assault on the Stonehenge Type-3 facility. Four squadrons including Bone Arrow Squadron and Ridgeback Squadron provided close air support for the ground forces as they approached the facility, which defended itself by firing against the squadrons.[1]

As the squadrons reached the facility, Reaper single-handedly entered the radar jamming net and destroyed the jamming facilities, opening up the ability to lock onto the cannons and for the ground forces to continue their advance. This opened up the path for all of the squadrons to fire on the cannons, but Reaper only managed to get close enough to destroy each and every cannon.[2]


After all of the cannons were destroyed and the smoke cleared, the ground troops thanked Ridgeback Squadron for destroying the jamming system, but the pilots themselves knew that it was Reaper who had done all of the heavy lifting. Goodfellow recognized it and said that they would be getting "all the money" regardless.[2]