This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Lighthouse.
"Hey dumbass. If you want to bring the world back from the brink, go to the lighthouse. You can see the future there."
Avril Mead[1]

Operation Daredevil was an offensive carried out by a coalition of Osean and Erusean forces. The operation aimed to destroy Arsenal Bird Justice and ultimately end the Lighthouse War.[1]


The LRSSG received a communique from the partially-restored general network, informing them of an Osean-Erusean coalition to destroy Arsenal Bird Justice via a saturation attack. Along with it came a message from members of the 444th Air Base, which read: "Hey dumbass. If you want to bring the world back from the brink, go to the lighthouse. You can see the future there." Motivated to end the war, the LRSSG sortied to participate in the operation.


By the time the LRSSG arrived at the elevator, the battle was in full swing. Through the data link provided by the Osean HQ, they engaged the hostile fighters alongside Osean and Erusean allies.

Later, Justice launched several salvos of Helios burst missiles in an attempt to thin the coalition's numbers. Regardless, the saturation attack proceeded once Justice entered the vicinity. The Arsenal Bird activated its APS to shield itself from the salvos of missiles.

With the saturation attack a failure, the coalition was forced to conduct separate attacks. Neither the coalition nor the Radicals knew that someone inside the elevator was sabotaging the panel feeding energy to the Arsenal Bird. The APS eventually failed, allowing the coalition to strike again.

Trigger led the charge, aiming for the vital propellers and--at Wit's suggestion--the rectenna's base. The APS unit inside Justice was eventually destroyed, the last Arsenal Bird going down in flames.


The Erusean Radicals around the space elevator began laying down their arms. However, the late arrival of two highly-maneuverable UAVs inflicted heavy casualties on the coalition air forces. Count's aircraft sustained damage in the UAVs' assault, prompting Trigger to escort him to the Admiral Andersen.


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