"The carrier... Whoa! Looks like the harbor's taken a lot of damage!"

Operation Deer Horn was one of the earliest engagements during the Lighthouse War. The battle saw Erusean forces attempt to destroy the International Union Peacekeeping Force detachment stationed at Fort Grays Island.[1]


On May 15, 2019, concurrent with the surprise attacks on the Osean mainland, Erusea dispatched numerous bombing squadrons to conduct air raids on IUPF bases across Usea.[2] Prior to bombing Fort Grays Island, Erusean bombers squadron destroyed an Osean communications facility.[3]


Catching the IUPF confused and unprepared, Erusean bombers quickly flew over Fort Grays Island and commenced attacks, sinking the aircraft carrier, Albatross in her berth, and causing extensive damage to the harbor.[1]

In response, Fort Grays scrambled both Golem and Mage Squadrons to intercept and destroy the bombers. Shortly after takeoff, Trigger managed to destroy a bomber attempting to exfiltrate the airspace. Additional Erusean bombers then entered the airspace in an attempt to level the IUN air base. However, they were intercepted by Golem and Mage who prevented any further damage to Fort Grays.[1]


The IUN and Osean forces begin drawing up plans for a counterattack, involving a strike against Erusea's capital, Farbanti.[4]