This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Desert Arrow.
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Operation Desert Arrow was an operation that focused on destroying Yuktobanian forces in the Jilachi Desert. [2]


After the rescue of Nagase, Wardog Squadron continued to support the Osean Army's offensive. Eventually, the Osean Army began preparations to destroy Yuktobanian forces at the Jilachi Desert. [2]


Wardog Squadron was sent to the northern part of the Jilachi Desert to defend Viking Squadron and the 1st Tank Battalion. These units had very important roles in the operation; Viking Squadron's mission was to bomb a Yuktobanian field headquarters, while the 1st Tank Battalion's mission was to occupy an airfield. With Wardog Squadron's support, both units completed their objectives. [2]

Wardog Squadron then received an assignment to shoot down two Yuktobanian AWACS units and a KC-10 Extender that had entered the airspace. With their destruction, the Oseans now had complete air superiority. [2]


With the success of Operation Desert Arrow, the Jilachi Desert fell under Osean control. As a result, the Osean Army began preparations to conquer Cruik Fortress.[2]


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