The Battle of Cruik Fortress, also known as Operation Doodlebug, is one of the most important battles fought during the Circum-Pacific War as Cruik Fortress was the only obstacle standing between the advancing Osean army and the Yuktobanian capital of Cinigrad. Despite fierce firepower coming from the fortress defenders, the Osean army with the help of Wardog Squadron managed to capture the fortress.


Cruik Fortress

Toppling the Iron Gate

Before Wardog Squadron, Cruik Fortress was a tough nut to crack for the Osean Army. Two previous large-scale assaults resulted in failure thanks to the overwhelming firepower and number of bunkers placed along the route to the fortress. The third attempt to take the fortress was met with an increase in morale for the Oseans because they knew they were going to get air support from the well-known Four Wings of Sand Island (in which only three appeared after losing one pilot in the battle above November City). Meanwhile, the Yuktobanian defenders were confident that the third attempt by the Osean Army will just be the same result. They were so confident to send the Oseans a message saying to go back to their families since Cruik Fortress will not fall.

Soon, the Osean Army commenced its final attempt at taking the fortress with Wardog Squadron providing air support to take out the bunkers along the way. The fact that Cruik Fortress was littered with bunkers left and right made the mission very difficult. Furthermore, the fortress fought with everything it had: fighter squadrons and ground forces. Nevertheless, the Osean Army kept moving forward with one soldier quoting, "Bust through here like you're gonna run all the way to Cinigrad!"

After intense fighting, breaking through three solid lines of defense, the Osean Army succeeded in capturing the fortress while the surviving Yuktobanian forces retreated and dug in the nearby urban area. Genette described the Wardog Squadron after the battle as "the center of the army's strength."