"We're getting our asses kicked. Where are our reinforcements?!"
Erusean pilot[1]

Operation Dual Wielder was a battle between the IUN Peacekeeping Force and the Kingdom of Erusea during the Lighthouse War. The operation aimed to obtain air superiority over the Chopinburg Rainforest, securing a route for recapturing the International Space Elevator.[1]


The Erusean capture of the International Space Elevator has made its recapture a priority for the IUN, and the rapid Erusean advance throughout Usea has caused extensive damage to the IUPF and Osean forces stationed on the continent. In response, the IUN plan to recapture the space elevator and carry out a two-front counteroffensive which includes the acquisition of air superiority over the Chopinburg Rainforest and a second assault on Farbanti, carried out by the Kestrel II.[2]


On May 30, 2019, Golem, Skeleton and Gargoyle Squadrons engage Erusean aircraft above the forest. The three squadrons manage to shoot down a majority of Erusean aircraft prior to Mage Squadron's arrival. Following Mage's arrival, Trigger and Clown quickly dispose of any remaining Erusean forces.[1]

In response, Erusea deploys an Arsenal Bird to Chopinburg airspace in order to maintain control of the region. With orders to destroy the Arsenal Bird, all IUPF aircraft engage the Arsenal Bird, however, many sustain damage from the escorting MQ-101s. Ultimately, Skeleton Squadron is shot down and the Arsenal Bird deploys its Microwave Powered Dome to shield its exfiltration.[1]

AC7 Arsenal Bird Props

The Arsenal Bird withdrawing

Sustaining heavy losses, IUN-PKF headquarters orders a withdrawal from the airspace. Golem and Mage are ordered to cover the retreat of Gargoyle by engaging the remaining MQ-101s; Trigger manages to shoot down a substantial number of UAVs. In addition to Gargoyle, Brownie is also ordered to retreat as her aircraft was damaged from the previous engagement. While IUN forces are withdrawing, Mihaly A. Shilage engages the retreating aircraft and manages to shoot down both Gargoyle 1 and Brownie. Failing to engage Mihaly, Trigger instead destroyed the remaining drones.[1]

Meanwhile, the Kestrel II was sunk during the offensive at Farbanti, thus failing to complete its operations there.[1]


The IUN is forced to rethink its strategy as the two-front offensive fails; Faun is appointed to Golem Squadron as Brownie's replacement.[3]