This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Merlon.
"Laser weaponry? Those damn Belkans..."
― Allied pilot

Operation: Dynamo, also known as the Battle of Schayne Plains, was a large-scale attack operation performed by the Allied Forces on Belka's second line of defense during the Belkan War.


Now that the doors were opened, the Allied Forces wasted no time in beginning another attack operation on Belka's next defense line. Belka had fallen back to regroup at the Schayne Plains, where they had set up a merlon between two air bases. The Allied Forces needed to capture these air bases to set up a command center within Belka.


Like Offensive Campaign No. 4101, Dynamo was split into three parts, with three separate teams participating in each part. These were then followed by a final task where all forces would participate.

As in most important operations during the war thus far, the Galm Team was sent, along with other forces, to assist in any operation they desired.

Alpha Team

Alpha Team was a team of air units that attacked the air base at the northwestern part of the Schayne Plains to eliminate ground ordnance.

Beta Team

Beta Team was a team of air units that attacked the air base at the southeastern part of the Schayne Plains. They also destroyed enemy ground units at a nearby lake, and engaged enemy fighters the base had launched.

Theta Team

Theta Team was the final team of air units that secured air superiority in the area, shooting down any reinforcements sent by Belka or by the air bases.

Transport Landing

Once all teams were successful in their operations, and air superiority was established, Allied transport planes entered the area. All forces were sent to escort the planes as they landed at the air bases and secured them for the Allied Forces.

However, before any of the transport planes could begin landing operations, the laser cannon Excalibur fired once more. All five transport planes were destroyed in two of Excalibur's laser shots. Operations Command ordered an immediate evacuation of all forces, but most of the planes deployed to the area were shot down by the lasers. Few planes remained when they came out of Excalibur's engagement zone, but among them were Cipher and Pixy.


The Allied Forces were victorious in removing Belkan presence from the Schayne Plains, but the victory was very short-lived thanks to Excalibur. Without the transport planes' landings, the base would be up for grabs until the Allied ground troops came to the area. The loss of many pilots was a very heavy blow as well.

The Allied Forces knew that as long as this unknown laser existed, they couldn't perform any operations without losing numerous planes and potentially ground forces. They needed to destroy it.


  • It seems the Belkans had already planned to eliminate the Allied Forces' planes with Excalibur before they even entered the area, since some troops were telling the others that "it was time" right before the attack.
  • In real life,Operation Dyanamo was the evacuation of Allied soldiers during World War II from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk in 1940.
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