This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Charge the Enemy.
"It's poppin' off now, Trigger. The war has officially begun."

Operation Eastern Wind was one of the first counteroffensive operations carried out by the IUN during the Lighthouse War. The operation saw the IUN-PKF attempt to halt the Erusean advance throughout Usea, prior to pushing towards the International Space Elevator.[1]


Following the air raids on IUN-PKF bases across Usea and the surprise attacks on Osean naval ports, the Osean Maritime Defense Force launched a retaliatory strike against the Erusean capital of Farbanti. Concurrently, Erusean-aligned forces began pushing into Usean nations aligned with the Osean Federation.[2]


To halt the Erusean advance, the IUN-PKF dispatched both Golem and Mage Squadrons to Scofields Plateau in order to destroy radar facilities situated in the area. After destroying Erusean forces across the plateau, Golem and Mage began engaging the forces stationed at the airbase. While doing so, Trigger shot down Erusean ace, Joe Barker.[1]

The Erusean base, sustaining heavy losses, deployed multiple MQ-99 drones from container trucks. These drones were ultimately shot down by both Golem and Mage.[1]


IUN and Osean forces begin to coalesce in preparations for a large two-front counteroffensive, involving another assault on Farbanti from the west and an advance towards the space elevator from the east.[2]



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