This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Chain Reaction.
"Are you listening to me?! This is war here! The freight terminal's getting shot at! Dammit! This is a civilian airport!"
Apito control tower

Operation Emerald was a defensive operation that focused on defending Apito International Airport against Yuktobanian terrorists.[2]


During Operation Hammerblow, an engineering college in the city of Dresdene was attacked by unknown aircraft. Since Wardog Squadron was the only squadron in the sector, they were sent to the Central Command Headquarters in Oured for questioning. However, the questioning was soon interrupted by reports of Yuktobanian terrorists attacking Bana City and Apito International Airport in response to the attack on Dresdene. Wardog Squadron was assigned to defend Apito International Airport, while the Capital District Air Command Squadron was assigned to defend Bana City. [2]


Soon after Wardog Squadron arrived on the battlefield, they were able to shoot down all enemy fighters that were approaching the airport. However, the transport planes at the airport were revealed to be Yuktobanian planes carrying tanks and anti-air equipment. In addition, enemy aircraft arrived to support the attack on the runway. Wardog Squadron was soon able to secure air superiority and destroy all forces attacking the airport. [2]


After the attack on the airport was quelled, Osean intelligence began investigating how the Yuktobanians were able to infiltrate the airport. In addition, the chemical attack on Bana City subsided, but the terrorists responsible for the attack were able to avoid capture. In the meantime, Wardog Squadron was sent back to the front lines in Yuktobania. [2]


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