All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Operation Eternal Liberation is a military operation launched by the United Nations against the USEA Federation. The operation was in response to the establishment of the new federation. It was launched shortly after Operation Override[1] and was the largest military operation conducted during the USEAn War.


On August 10, 2019. The Sons of Troia launched a massive invasion across Eurasia with the help of several nations. This subsequently succeed in invading two-third of Eurasian continent, from the Alps mountains to the Korean Peninsula. They soon after reformed into the USEA Federation. Seeing this threat, the UN decided to stage a large-scale campaign across the Eurasian defense perimeters called Operation Override.[2]

Defending the line

In September 2020, responding to the OLDS attack and following the success of Operation Bunker Shot, operation was expanded to include operations within the areas occupied by USEA.[3] the These would include operations to liberate Moscow, Dubai, defend the Comona Base among others.[4]


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