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All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"Move, Move! Hit that beach and start running! There's no time to kiss the ground!"
Alvin H. Davenport

Operation Footprint was an operation launched by the Osean Defense Forces (ODF) during the Circum-Pacific War. It was the first step of an amphibious invasion of Yuktobania. [1]


During Operation Vanguard, the Yuktobanian Navy lost several ships, including the Scinfaxi, which left Yuktobania vulnerable to an invasion. In response to the attack on Sand Island, Osea decided to carry out an invasion of Yuktobania. Four companies were selected from the 1st and 2nd Army Battalions and sent to the Bastok Peninsula in order to secure a beachhead for the rest of the Osean Army. Wardog Squadron, fresh from their patrol of Akerson Hill, was sent to provide close air support. [1]


The Osean amphibious forces faced resistance even before they made landfall. After landing on the beach, they destroyed several bunkers with Wardog's support and eventually regrouped into two units that attacked the outer walls of the fortress at the rear. With Wardog's help, they broke through and joined into a large-scale unit to battle the Yuktobanian soldiers inside the fortress's inner wall; they were soon able to capture the fortress. [1]


Following the successful operation, the Osean military established their field headquarters on the Bastok Peninsula. From this point on, they would begin advancing towards their final target, the capital city of Cinigrad. [1]


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