Operation Footprint was an operation launched by the Osean Defense Forces (ODF) during the Circum Pacific War. It was an amphibious invasion of Yuktobania.

Before the Battle

The Circum Pacific War started with Yuktobania attacking Osea. After several attacks, the "Yukes" suddenly stopped attacking. However, a C-5 Galaxy cargo plane callsign "Mother Goose One" was one day suddenly attacked by Yuke fighters. However, they were defeated. As it turns out, MGO was carrying President Vincent Harling to North Point to meet with Yuke leaders to discuss peace terms. Though it appeared that the president was safe, it was later discovered that when his plane made an emergency landing in a field, Belkan spies kidnapped him. Without the world knowing, Belkans took control of the ODF and then, to escalate the war as part of their revenge scheme, they ordered the ODF to invade Yuktobania.

The Battle

The Osean Maritime Defense Force sent landing craft to deploy four armored companies of the Osean Marine Corps to the beach. They came under fire even before making landfall. The OADF 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Wardog" provided close air support.

Once making landfall, the OMC companies pushed through the mountainous terrain, knocking out several bunkers with Wardog's help. After pushing through the bunkers, the four companies joined into two units who attacked the outer walls of the fortress at the rear. With Wardog's help, they broke through, and joined into one unit to finish off the Yukes inside the fortress' inner wall. With the help of Wardog, the Yukes were defeated, and Osea claimed a foothold in Yuktobania.


Following the successful operation, Osean forces pushed further into Yuktobanian territory, eventually making it to the capital city, Cinigrad, though they were never able to take it.

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