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Operation Fork Dance was a covert Osean Air Defense Force operation during the Circum-Pacific War. Wardog Squadron was assigned to destroy a secret Yuktobanian weapons plant protected by an intricate radar network.


During Operation Hammerblow five days prior, Wardog Squadron was framed for attacking a civilian school.[1] Their loyalty came into question, but was partially proven by their assisted defense of the capital district from terrorist attacks in Bana City and Apito International Airport.[2][3]

To further test their loyalty, the leaders of the Osean forces decided to send Wardog on a deep strike mission in Yuktobanian territory. Intelligence had just come back on a munitions factory in the arid region of Sonza that was about to send a shipment of arms to the Yuktobanian front line. The radar network protecting the base, however, was intricate and massive; it could only be destroyed by destroying its array of radar sites simultaneously.[4]


On November 7, the OADF deployed electronic warfare planes to open an air corridor for Wardog to approach the site.[4]

Upon reaching the radar network, Wardog synchronized their watches and split into four different approach paths to hit the different radar sites. First Lieutenant Kei Nagase led the countdowns as the squadron destroyed each radar site simultaneously. After penetrating the network, Wardog began attacking the weapons base.[5]

A squadron of four C-5 Galaxy transport planes were preparing to take off to transport their weapon cargo to the front line, but Wardog immediately shot them down before they could leave the airspace. Wardog then proceeded to destroy the entire plant and all of its anti-air defenses and production capabilities. Despite aerial reinforcements late into the battle, Wardog fully destroyed the weapons plant and left the airspace.[5]


As a direct result of this operation, Yuktobania's weapons development capabilities were drastically reduced, putting Osea at a technological advancement for future battles. The operation also helped to weaken Yuktobania's front line, which would be a massive boost for Osea's imminent ground invasion into Yuktobania.[6]


  • Due to the appearance of one of the secret hangars in the in-game mission, as well as the suspicious dialogue during the base attack, fans theorize that the weapons plant destroyed in this operation was producing an ADF-01 FALKEN or at least parts for it.


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