"All planes, we're going to take back Gracemeria today."
AWACS Ghost Eye[1]

Operation Free Gracemeria,[2] also known as the Liberation of Gracemeria, was one of the largest battles of the Emmeria-Estovakia War, and marks the liberation of the Republic of Emmeria from the Federal Republic of Estovakia's hegemony.


In the past few months, the Emmerian military managed to retake most of the Anean continent from Estovakian hegemony, razing every single main enemy installation in their way.[3] Along the road back to Gracemeria, they managed to score several victories, such as the destruction of the Aerial Fleet and the P-1112 Aigaion,[4] and even managed to subvert a scorched-earth policy threat to the capital.[5] With nothing able to stop them now, the Emmerian were finally ready to free Emmeria once and for all.

The Battle[]

On March 31, 2016, the Emmerians started the recapture of their capital, Gracemeria. Approximately 393 Estovakian vehicles fought to protect the territory, while 141 Emmerian vehicles fought to take back their beloved land. The mission was set into six operations:[1]

This battle became very intense, but eventually, the city was successfully recaptured.

Last Stand[]

After Operation Free Gracemeria

REAF squadrons after liberating Gracemeria

After the city's liberation, the Strigon Team arrived on station, whereupon their new leader, Ilya Pasternak, ordered all Strigon members to retreat and head back to Estovakia, explaining to them that he alone would handle the Garuda Team. Pasternak then addressed the Garuda Team directly, stating that "corrupt governments and marred lands" were no longer worth protection, but the future was, before challenging Talisman to a brutal dogfight to see who was truly worthy of becoming an Ace.[1]

Despite Pasternak's warning that Emmeria's destruction was "the inevitable fate Ulysses heralded in", Talisman ultimately shot down Pasternak, with the latter proclaiming that the Strigon Team "has fled the combat airspace" and that they had won before his radio went static.[1]


Following the Emmerian victory, Emmerian and Estovakian leaders began arranging for a ceasefire agreement to end hostilities between the two nations.[1] During negotiations, Estovakia was forced to return all territories it had captured, including Mante.[6] However, on the night of Gracemeria's liberation, Estovakian military forces that opposed the treaty signing commandeered the Chandelier and used it to fire cruise missiles at the city.[6] Luckily, numerous Emmerian squadrons were on patrol and managed to prevent Gracemeria's destruction.[7]