This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Transfer Orders.
"The order is simple. Kill anyone trying to kill the commander. Even if they're one of us."
AWACS Bandog[1]
"Like how you killed Full Band?"

Operation Full House was an escort mission during the Lighthouse War. The objective of the escort operation was to protect Colonel D. McKinsey's transport as it flew to Bulgurdarest.[1]


Due to their accomplishments, all members of Spare Squadron were pardoned, and the unit was now being recognized as a legitimate military asset. The majority of Spare were to be transferred to Tyler Island in southeastern Usea, apart from Trigger and Count, who were personally selected by the General Staff Office as escorts for the colonel.[1]


During the operation, Trigger searched for and destroyed Erusean SAM sites spread across the landscape, while Count escorted Roper 1.[1]

C-17 Drone Flyby

The ADFX-10 approaching Roper 1

Occasionally, squadrons of Erusean aircraft would enter the airspace and attempt to shoot down the transport directly, however, they were intercepted by Trigger and Count. Alongside one of these Erusean squadrons was Ken Warren, who was engaged and shot down by Trigger. After successfully escorting Roper 1 to Bulgurdarest airspace, Erusean forces broke off.[1]

While over Bulgurdarest, an ADFX-10 entered the airspace and quickly closed in on Roper 1. In response, AWACS Bandog ordered Trigger to engage the drone and ordered Count to escort the transport to safety. An intense dogfight between Trigger and the aircraft then ensued. Ultimately, Trigger managed to shoot down the hostile.[1]

Shortly after destroying the ADFX-10, Cyclops Squadron entered the airspace, and Wiseman then informed Bandog that they were following the prototype aircraft.[1]


Following the operation, McKinsey was transferred to another post, and Trigger and Count were put on standby for further orders.[1]



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