"This'll end the war."
AWACS Long Caster[1]

Operation Giant's Step was a battle during the Lighthouse War. The operation aimed to capture the Erusean capital city of Farbanti. Concurrently, an operation to destroy Erusea's satellites was taking place.[1]


Prior to the battle for Farbanti, Strider and Cyclops Squadrons, alongside Basilisk Team, secured an Erusean base in Cape Rainy. Following its seizure, Osean submarines arrived from the Osean mainland to reinforce the base and secure the area around it.[2]


On September 19, 2019, Osean forces advanced on Farbanti and engaged Erusean forces at Farbanti Reconstruction Park, the Silver Bridge, and the submerged municipal district. Offshore to the east, the Osean Maritime Defense Force engaged the Erusean Navy.[1]

With forces already engaged, squadrons of the Long Range Strategic Strike Group arrived in Farbanti to assist their allies. During the battle, Trigger shot down both Vincent Masson and Russel Faulkner. Following the elimination of substantial Erusean forces, Sol Squadron arrived and Mihaly A. Shilage sank multiple Osean naval ships. To prevent further damage to the Osean forces, Strider and Cyclops engaged Sol.[1]

With the engagement dragging on, and to prevent further Osean losses after Mihaly shot down Cyclops 3, Wiseman planned to distract Mihaly while having Trigger shoot him down. After a period of entertaining the engagement, Mihaly shot down and killed Wiseman before facing off against Trigger.[1]

During the dogfight, Osean aircraft destroyed Erusean satellites in orbit with anti-satellite weaponry. Having devised a similar plan, Erusean aircraft also destroyed Osean satellites, causing communications and head-up display errors on both sides. Communications failure, coupled with the loss of Farbanti, prompted Sol to retreat from the airspace.[1]


Following the loss of their capital and communications satellites, the Erusean military fell into disarray. This gave rise to multiple warring Erusean factions, divided by their allegiance to the Monarchy (the Conservatives) or the younger officers who had led the war effort (the Radicals). These factions formed and proliferated across the Usean continent. Both Osean and Erusean forces were now unable to contact their superiors, leaving them isolated.[3]



  • This battle shares many similarities with Operation Autumn Thunder, in which ISAF captured Farbanti and ended the Continental War.
    • Both battles take place on September 19.
    • The Osean military attacked from the same direction as ISAF.
    • The Erusean forces were reinforced by an elite squadron of five planes near the end of both battles.