This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Sea of Chaos.
"The only thing that exists between Yuktobania and Osea is hatred."
― Yuktobanian fleet commander

Operation Glory Horn was an emergency defense operation by the OFS Kestrel and her allied fleet against warmongers within the Yuktobanian and Osean forces. It was a pivotal turning point in the Circum-Pacific War, and the penultimate battle of the Kestrel.


On December 29, 2010, a large force of Yuktobanan naval ships sailed toward the Kestrel Fleet in the Ceres Ocean. Yuktobanian Prime Minister Nikanor, on board the Kestrel, called out to the Yuktobanian fleet. The Prime Minister announced that he was on the Osean aircraft carrier Kestrel and that he planned to restore peace between "our Yuktobania and the country of Osea."

The Yuktobanian Fleet Commander didn't want peace between the two countries, said that Nikanor had sided with Osea, and ordered his ships to sink the Kestrel even with the Prime Minister on board. The captain of the Krivak-class frigate Pitomnik didn't agree with the orders and asked the Fleet Commander to stand down, stating that they don't know what they were fighting for. In response, the Fleet Commander ordered his ships to sink the Pitomnik, and two of them swiftly did so. The captain of the Sovremenny-class destroyer Gumrak then declared they cannot follow a "fleet commander willing to sink one of his own ships" and defected to the Kestrel Fleet with two fellow destroyers: Chuda and Dub.


Captain Andersen recognized the Yuke defectors and offered his gratitude to them. He ordered the Kestrel Fleet to engage the enemy fleet, and the Razgriz Air Command Squadron launched for support (the Kestrel's CIC's IFF data was connected to the Razgriz's HUD so that they could identify who's friendly and who's enemy). The allied forces began to attack the Yuke fleet. Some Yuke fighters were also launched to engage the Kestrel's fighters, but the pilots were all afraid of the Razgriz.

About halfway through the battle, an Osean battle group led by OFS Barbett (another aircraft carrier and OFS Kestrel's sister ship) detected upon the battle. After listening in for a moment, the Barbett's captain thought that Kestrel Fleet had sided with the Yukes and called the Kestrel Fleet and the Ghosts of Razgriz as traitors and he didn't know that Kestrel Fleet was operating under President Harling's command. The Osean battle group went into firing range at Kestrel Fleet, three defecting ships and the Razgriz. Also, some Osean fighters tried to fight the Razgriz, but all rogue forces were decimated.


After the battle, the Kestrel and the remnant ships from the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet officially left the OMDF, with the defecting ships joined forces, forming an international naval team. Their only goal was to defeat the Grey Men and disrupt their plans from succeeding.

Sometime during or after the battle, Prime Minister Nikanor had left the Kestrel, most likely on a helicopter, to join Osean President Harling at Bright Hill, Osea to call for peace.


  • Various Yuktobanian ships were mentioned during the battle, but not seen in the game. Among the ships from the enemy fleet are the Granat, Zavtra, Svabodney, and Boyky; among the Yuke ships who defected to the Kestrel Fleet are the Bystry and Budusheye.
  • Despite there being a carrier amongst the Yuktobanian fleet, the Fleet Commander evidently commands from a surface ship near the middle of the fleet.
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