"War is something I'll never get used to, but tonight has been a total shock."
Erusean News Network newscaster[1]

Operation Gorgon was a sealed-order operation conducted by the Osean Long Range Strategic Strike Group at Anchorhead Bay following Operation Giant's Step.

The operation aimed to extract Erusean conservative general Édouard Labarthe out of the city, which was in a state of chaos due to the ongoing civil war.


With Osea's communication systems crippled following Erusea's desperate A-SAT attack, the LRSSG followed through the plan originally conceived following the fall of Farbanti.[1]

Labarthe, who had been feeding information to the Oseans since the war began, was hiding in the outskirts of Anchorhead Bay. With the help of Osean Army captain Karl, the two began to make their way out of the city. Strider Squadron was dispatched to provide escort, along with a sizeable Osean force already in the city.[1]

Because of the A-SAT attack, the IFF system was rendered offline. Strider Squadron had to manually identify their targets first, in order for AWACS Long Caster to update the ID data on each of them.[1]


As Labarthe's vehicle, driven by Karl, entered the city proper, Strider Squadron cleared their path of any hostiles. Conservative Eruseans later agreed to help with the general's escape.[1]

During the escort, Labarthe revealed the truth behind the war. Fascinated by the drone technology provided to them by the Belkans, a group of young Erusean officers instigated the war. Since drones could hit their targets more accurately and minimize collateral damage, their clamor for war got the support of the general public, and even Princess Rosa Cossette D'Elise. Conservatives like Labarthe, however, despised the use of drones, arguing that aircraft were meant to be flown by humans. He also revealed the technology to spoof IFF signals such as the friendly-fire incident that killed former Osean president Vincent Harling.[1]

The vehicle soon arrived at the extraction point at Gründer Park but was forced to move to another extraction point due to heavy hostile activity. Strider Squadron continued with the escort until it reached the new location.[1]

As the general was airlifted out of the city, an Erusean C-1 transport plane escorted by three F/A-18F Super Hornets entered the area. Dr. Schroeder inside the transport repeatedly broadcasted that the plane was carrying civilians. As Strider Squadron monitored the transport plane, it was attacked by a flight of Erusean Su-33s and YF-23s. The squadron fended off the fighters.[1]

Following the engagement, the Hornet escorts, which Schroeder revealed were drones, began targeting Strider Squadron. The Hornets then used their remote activation rights to activate multiple MQ-99 drones, which joined the fight. The squadron shot down all drones and kept the transport plane safe.[1]


The transport plane departed the airspace safely, as well as the helicopter carrying Labarthe. Upon returning to base, however, Strider Squadron learned that the helicopter was shot down by an Osean fighter. Karl and Labarthe were killed in the crash.[1]

With the sealed-order operation over and communication systems still offline, the LRSSG were unsure of where to proceed next. After much deliberation, they decided to head for Tyler Island.[2]