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"So it's... a trick?"
Alvin H. Davenport

Operation Hammerblow was an operation that focused on shooting down Yuktobanian transports over Dresdene. [1]


As Osea established a beachhead on the Bastok Peninsula, Yuktobania sought to retreat their remaining forces in the area in order to increase the defenses ahead of the capital, Cinigrad. They put the remaining military equipment and personnel in a squadron of transport planes, which would fly further inland in Yuktobanian territory.[1]

To protect the transports, an escort squadron of F-14A Tomcats and F-15C Eagles as well as E-767 jammer aircraft were utilized. The E-767s would degrade Osean radar and create fake targeting boxes to fool Osean pilots into shooting thin air. [1]


On November 2, 2010, Osea launched the Wardog Squadron to intercept and shoot down the transport planes while they were in the air. Upon Wardog's arrival, their aircraft were affected by the jamming, forcing the pilots to visually confirm their targets. [1]

During the operation, an engineering college in the city of Dresdene was attacked by unknown aircraft. Thunderhead began to suspect that Wardog Squadron was responsible for attacking the college; however, Wardog was able to shoot down all enemy transports, and the operation soon ended. [1]


With the destruction of the transports, the Yuktobanian retreat from the Bastok Peninsula. However, since the attack on the engineering college was in Wardog's operating area, all squadron members were ordered to report to Central Command Headquarters in Oured. In addition, the attack on the college would result in an increase in hatred towards Osea, which would result in Yuktobanians carrying out terrorist attacks on Osean cities. [1]


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