"We intend to turn the parking ramp at Rigley into a junkyard."
― ISAF Briefing Officer[1]

Operation Harvest, also known as the Rigley Raid, was an ISAF aerial assault on Rigley Air Base, a former ISAF airfield, during the Continental War. The Erusean bombers stationed at Rigley were caught on the ground and destroyed, eliminating the threat posed to ISAF's GHQ.[2]


ISAF did not want to run the risk a second attempt by Erusea to bomb its new General Headquarters at North Point, so the decision was made to take the initiative and destroy the remaining Erusean bomber force at Rigley Air Base.[1]


ISAF's fighters entered the combat airspace and followed the power lines north to Rigley. The fighters were picked up by Rigley's air traffic control and encountered two Erusean fighters flying over the substation. As they engaged the bandits, Rigley scrambled its fighters to protect the airfield and the bombers; however, the bombers remained grounded.[2]

When the ISAF pilots reached Rigley, they began their bombing runs on the parked bombers, avoiding anti-aircraft fire from the AA guns scattered around the facility. Rigley's fighters attempted, unsuccessfully, to shoot down the ISAF fighters, but were shot down themselves. Once all the bombers were destroyed, the pilots determined their work was done and withdrew from the combat area.[2]


The success of this operation gave ISAF the breathing room it desperately needed. Erusea would have to deploy more bombers for a long-range attack if they wanted to destroy the ISAF. For the time being, ISAF's GHQ was safe. This meant that the Allies would have time to regroup and plan for a possible counterattack.[3]