"'Nuclear Inspection,' huh... What a joke."

Operation Hell Bound, also known as the Battle of Glatisant or the Battle of Mount Ivrea, was a large-scale attack operation performed by the Allied Forces against the Belkan fortress, Glatisant. It was officially labeled as a "nuclear inspection," but it was really the first invasion of Belka during the Belkan War.


The Allied Forces had successfully liberated Directus a few days prior, and all of Ustio with it, and were ready to turn the war around and invade Belka for the first time. They discovered plans that Belka might be creating a weapon of mass destruction inside Glatisant, and decided to label their invasion a "nuclear weapon inspection."


With the stage set, the Allied Forces sent multiple aircraft, including the Galm Team once more, into Glatisant to disable its defenses. After the defenses were disabled, the ground troops would advance through Glatisant.

All air forces first attacked Area Gate, the southeastern sector of Glatisant. The defenses here were weaker and less in number, so it didn't take too long to topple it.

With Area Gate down, the air forces advanced onto Area Wall, the central sector. Area Wall's heavy artillery was in large contrast to the previous sector, so a couple of planes were likely lost in this assault. However, with the help of Cipher and Pixy, Area Wall was toppled as well.

With Area Wall down, the air forces flew over the Hydrian Line, a nearby supply line between Osea and Sapin, and landed for refueling and rearming. Once all planes were refueled, they split up into three groups to take out the three remaining sectors: Area Garden in the northwest, Area Tower in the northeast, and Area Castle in the southwest.

When all forces were neutralized, AWACS Eagle Eye announced that the operation was a success. Simultaneously, however, the long-range laser cannon Excalibur fired onto the Allied planes. Almost all planes, especially those lingering over the Hydrian Line, were shot down by the large laser except for the Galm Team.


The operation was a success for the Allies. With Glatisant's defenses down, the door had just been opened for the Allied Forces to invade into southern Belka. The war had just turned around completely and now Belka was running north.

However, the operation did not come without losses, and heavy ones at that. Due to Excalibur's attack, most of the deployed forces were lost. The Allied Forces did not have any whereabouts or identities on Excalibur at the time, so they couldn't do anything about it yet.