The 'Battle of Mount Ivera was a battle in the Belkan War, in which the allies invaded Belka. The setup

The Ustio and Osean forces had forced the Belkans out of Ustio, now it was Belkas turn to be invaded. Because Osea had a non-aggression treaty and was still in the treaty of nations, it couldn't invade Belka. However, when they found out that Belka was creating the V2, the allies amassed a huge amount of aircraft to attack the Mount Ivera fortress of Glatisant and called it a "nuclear inspection", but was really an invasion.

The Battle

The allies attacked with aircraft to open a way for their ground forces. The Belkan defense was centered around 5 camps. the begining defenses made of AA guns and SAMs (Area Gate), the control center based around a control tower (Area Wall), a base centered around two ramparts (Area Castle), an area to deploy VTOL aircraft (Area Garden), and a AA base centered around two large flak towers (Area Tower). The allies suffered heavy casualties, but they destroyed Glatisant and opened the way to Belka.

  • A rampart is a type of defensive wall.

The Aftermath

The airstrike had cleared Glatisant for the ground troops. After the action an allied squadron disappeared and Pixy quoted "huh, did something just flash?" This is the first use of the laser weapon Excalibur.

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