"Commencing deception and interception."
Osean control[2]

Operation High Card was a battle over Zapland during the Lighthouse War. The operation, initially a deception strategy, later turned into an intercept mission.[2]


After being trialed and found guilty by the IUN, Trigger is transferred to 444th Air Base and assigned to its penal unit, Spare Squadron. A squadron comprised of convicts, Spare was being used to trick the Erusean forces into believing the base was active when it was actually a decoy.[2]


On July 1, 2019, Spare Squadron was ordered to take off and draw the attention of Erusean bombers attacking the 444th Air Base. Initially, members of the squadron had their FCSs locked and were not allowed to engage unless Colonel D. McKinsey said otherwise. However, after a bomb struck the control tower, and contact with the colonel was lost, AWACS Bandog authorized use of weapons and ordered Spare to engage the bombers. During the battle, Trigger managed to shoot down a majority of the bombers and all aircraft returned to base shortly afterward.[2]


After safely returning to base, Colonel D. McKinsey threw all members of Spare Squadron who shot down Erusean aircraft into solitary for engaging without his permission.