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Operation Hunting Hawk was the first attempt by ISAF aircraft to forestall the Aegir Fleet's launch from Comberth Harbor during the Continental War. The mission involved shooting down a convoy of Erusean transport aircraft inbound to Comberth, attempting to resupply the fleet.[1] While it was a relatively smaller operation, it dealt a demoralizing blow to Erusea's continental air superiority.[2]


Following Erusea's failed attempts to bomb ISAF into submission, the decision was made to mobilize the Aegir Fleet for an amphibious invasion of North Point. The Aegir Fleet was extremely powerful; if Erusea completed combat preparations and the fleet set sail, ISAF would be surely defeated. In response, ISAF began a three-operation campaign to immobilize the Aegir Fleet and forestall Erusea's plans to invade North Point. The first step was to cut off the Aegir Fleet's supply chain by intercepting transport aircraft providing the fleet with supplies.[3]


ISAF aircraft entered the air corridor to the northwest of Comberth Harbor with the intent of shooting down the convoy, which was supported by two E-767 jammer aircraft. By relying on visual contact, however, the ISAF pilots managed to find and shoot down the jammers, clearing up the radar and opening the way for the attack. Erusean escort fighters engaged the pilots, but were outmaneuvered by the ISAF aircraft. The Allied pilots shot down the transports with relative ease, and the operation was a success.[1]


In the overall scope of the war, this engagement was not a significant a victory. However, it paved the way for the second part of the campaign to stop the Aegir Fleet from deploying. This victory stalled the fleet long enough for ISAF to carry out its next operation, Operation Early Bird.[4]

The operation also had a more intangible effect. Over the course of the war, the Eruseans believed they dominated the skies over the entire continent.[5] By shutting down this air corridor, ISAF strategically dealt a spiritual blow to the Eruseans, proving their air superiority was not absolute.[2]


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