This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Shorebirds.
"At ease, people... but don't get too comfortable"
Orson Perrault moment before Operation Lagoon briefing

Operation Lagoon was an air defense operation by the Osean Air Defense Force[1].


Before the SR-71 Blackbird incident, a squadron of 10 MiG-29A Fulcrums violated Osean airspace and killed 8 rookies of the Wardog Squadron at September 23, 2010. After, the squadron was on high alert. A Yuktobanian SR-71 recon plane was hit by a SAM from the Osean Coastal Defense Force but was not destroyed. Heavily damaged, the wounded aircraft descended to 4,000 feet and started heading north, out to sea.


The Sand Island squadron was tasked to intercept the aircraft, but over the water was ambushed by four MiG-21bis who immediately fired on the squadron. The SR-71 turned back towards Cape Landers to attempt an emergency landing, but the damage it sustained was critical and it exploded in mid-air. Four additional Mig-21 fighters appeared afterwards, but were all shot down by Wardog.


After the battle, the squadron leader was reprimanded for engaging the enemy without permission. Also, all the information on the engagement classified.


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