Operation Lighthouse Keeper was an IUN operation aiming to rescue former Osean President Vincent Harling and regain control of the International Space Elevator. Harling was hiding inside the space elevator since Erusea seized it at the beginning of the Lighthouse War. The operation ended in failure with Harling's death.[1]


The Erusean Army seized the space elevator at the start of the war; Harling and a former OADF member, Colonel Johnson, were touring the space elevator at the time.[2] The two remained hidden within the facility, evaded capture, and eventually sent a distress signal to Osean forces.[1]


On June 6, 2019, Trigger was deployed to break through Erusea's radar network and eliminate anti-air presence around the space elevator in order for Sea Goblin to initiate the rescue operation. Golem and Mage Squadrons soon arrived at the scene to back up Trigger. Erusea began launching MQ-99s from container trucks to the space elevator, all of which were ultimately shot down.[1]

During their ground assault, Sea Goblin was completely wiped out by an Erusean ambush. Colonel Johnson and Harling commandeered an Erusean V-22 and attempted to leave the airspace; AWACS Sky Keeper assigned them the callsign Mother Goose One. MQ-101s from the Arsenal Bird Liberty soon entered the airspace and began engaging IUN forces in the area. Under confidential orders from the IUN, Gargoyle Squadron fired a barrage of missiles toward the space elevator. One missile struck the tower and the rest were intercepted by drones.[1]

Mother Goose One was hit by drone fire while heading south, mortally wounding Johnson. It was then assumed that Harling took control of the aircraft and turned it around, heading back to the space elevator. Harling made an attempt at communication with Trigger, but his speech, if any, was brief and inaudible. On its way, the aircraft was struck by a missile, destroying it and killing Harling. As the Liberty entered the airspace, all IUN forces retreated.[1]


Trigger was blamed for the murder of Harling and was court-martialed. He was later transferred to the 444th Air Base's Spare Squadron.[3] It was later revealed that an Erusean aircraft faking an Osean IFF was responsible for firing the missile that shot down Mother Goose One;[4] Trigger was cleared of all wrongdoing and returned to active duty.[5]

The IUN's failure to maintain control of the space elevator, as evidenced by Sea Goblin's annihilation, lasted for months following the operation. Erusean forces held the space elevator for five more months until an Osean-Erusean coalition forced them to surrender in Operation Daredevil.[6]