"Sink it before it deals any more damage to our ground forces."
― Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell

Operation Long Harpoon was an air attack on the Yuktobanian Navy's second advanced underwater carrier, Hrimfaxi, in the middle of its burst missile attacks on the Osean ground forces during the Circum-Pacific War.


Osea's ground troops were about to complete preparations to launch a large-scale offensive against Yuktobania. With this offensive, they would be able to cut a straight path right into the heart of the country and make it to the capital city, Cinigrad, in a very short amount of time. However, it was then that the Hrimfaxi, a Scinfaxi-class Submarine, revealed itself for the very first time (unlike the Scinfaxi, which was publicized years before the war broke out). As the ground forces began the operation, the Hrimfaxi fired ballistic missiles with burst warheads at long-range from the Razgriz Straits, over 700 miles away. Despite the missile attack, the offensive continued, but Osea decided to send the Wardog Squadron out to destroy the submarine before it launched another missile at the ground forces.[1]

With the Arkbird out of commission, Wardog Squadron was on their own to deal with the submarine, but Osea had regained its trust in their abilities.[1]


The Hrimfaxi was able to detect any aircraft flying above 1,000 feet, so Wardog was forced to maintain radio silence below that altitude to avoid detection. There was only one vulnerable moment when they could attack: while the Hrimfaxi was resupplying its missiles from the supply submarine. After refueling mid-way via tanker, Wardog made their way to the submarine fleet.[2]

However, before they even managed to get close to the Hrimfaxi, a picket submarine detected their approach and alerted the Hrimfaxi. Wardog then had 60 seconds to attack before the submarine dived, but they made it and damaged the sub as best as they could. Their efforts did not go to waste; the Hrimfaxi could no longer launch missiles underwater. However, it soon surfaced and fired a burst missile at the ground troops in Yuktobania, and managed to deal damage. The sub also launched some three UCAVs to deal with Wardog Squadron. After diving and re-surfacing once more, as well as firing another burst missile at the ground forces, the Hrimfaxi caused Osea to abandon the attack and retreat, waiting on standby for Wardog to deal with the submarine.[2]

Wardog managed to damage the Hrimfaxi little-by-little, timing their attacks with its surfaces. After a few minutes, the Hrimfaxi's main ballast tanks were heavy damaged to allow another dive, and it stayed above ground; however, it began firing its burst missiles at close-range, not caring about friendly submarines and concentrating on shooting down Wardog Squadron. Wardog stayed above 5,000 feet at each burst missile's strike, and in between their strikes managed to deal more damage to the submarine. Soon enough, the Hrimfaxi had been crippled and sunk, exploding in the water.[2]


With the Hrimfaxi gone, Yuktobania's burst missile threat no longer existed, and Osea was free of long-range missile attacks. The ground forces, upon hearing of Wardog's success, re-initiated the offensive and pushed further into Yuktobanian soil. Many troops had gained respect for the squadron that had defeated Yuktobania's Navy two giant submarines. Given the fact that the battle takes place over the Razgriz Straits, many people on both sides felt as if the Hrimfaxi was the demon of Razgriz. However, the Hrimfaxi's final transmission was an admittance that Wardog was the true Razgriz.[2]