This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Bunker Buster.

Operation Magic Spear was an operation aiming to eliminate Erusea's IRBM warheads aimed at Osean forces.[1]


The loss of the Njord Fleet during Operation Siren's Song and the Arsenal Bird Liberty in Operation Dragon Breath left Erusea vulnerable. With the Arsenal Bird Justice limited to defending the Gunther Bay, northern Usea was now open to Osean advances. Facing limited options, Erusea decided to activate its IRBM silos at Sierraplata. Their hope was that the use of ballistic missiles could halt the Osean advance. The Long Range Strategic Strike Group deployed Strider Squadron to escort bombers with the objective of destroying the Erusean silos.[1]


The cloudy weather that protected the Osean bombers from Erusean fighters also left them unable to target the IRBM silos. To counter this, their escorts were equipped with laser targeting pods to mark the silos. However, the Eruseans also installed dummy silos in an effort to throw off Osean attacks. When Strider Squadron managed to destroy the real silos, Erusean missile crews launched three missiles hidden underwater at the Sierraplata dam. However, Trigger was able to intercept and shoot down both missiles.[1]


With the loss of its warheads, all of northern Erusea was now under threat from advances by Osean forces, who began planning the capture of the Erusean capital, Farbanti.[1]


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